Thursday, December 5, 2019

Organisational Psychology

Organisational Psychology Organisation psychology is primary helps to determine the overall core activity, which are related to the overall performance of the organization, which eventually help to take a leading advantage over their arch rival. Organization psychology primarily focuses on the specific areas of practise (Schein, 1965). Organizational psychologist, are specialised skills and knowledge in the given particular areas. 1. Recruitment and selection: It helps to develop a selection standard for work and determination of the most suitable examination tools and determination of the overall knowledge and expertise, potential and personal fit for specific job using the techniques. 2. Learning and development: Analyse and design a training program, which are related with the individual and team performance of the organization. 3. Leadership and talent management: With the help of the program which provide advice and support to the leader which eventually help them to lead and motivate their employee. 4. Coaching, mentoring and career development: The activity in the organization psychology helps to provide assistance, coaching and mentoring which eventually help to enhance the work performance. 5. Change management 6. Measuring the employee opinion and other workplace research 7. Performance management: Develop, implement and determination of the performance management system help to provide a key linkage between the organization and the business strategies 8. Wellbeing, streets and work life balance: with the help of significant policies helps to provide a better management of the work environment (Kerr, 1995). These are some of the activities or key area which are involved in the organization psychology which eventually help to improve the overall performance of the organization (Antoniou and Cooper, 2011).

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